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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Shabby Chic Dress Form Hanger

I had so much fun creating this Shabby Chic Dress Form Hanger, the possibilities are endless with a wire hanger. 

I placed a crochet trim around the hanger first as my base and then added a honecomb style lace as the collar, to top that off a beautiful sequin and pearl applique that was hand tea-dyed from my wedding dress collections, I added some ruffle trim from a vintage nightgown, Tim Hotz Dress Form die cut with a thread spool and lace as the base for the center dress form.  The dress form could also stand up on its own for a creative display.

WOC Flowers, hand-made flowers and OLLVT  flowers.  The top of the hanger I added a vintage thread spool with lucsious shabby chic fibers wrapped around the thread spool, paris eiffel tower charm and fleur-de-lis charm.  

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