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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Story and who I am

Hello lovelies I hope you are having a great day today. Today is my first post and as I am writing this I have a million things that I would like to talk about.

One of the things I love most is decorating and I discovered that altered art was another form of decorating. The thrill of taking an old beat up Suitcase, Mod Podge, Old Book Pages, Vintage Wedding Lace, Rhinestone Jewelry and hand-made flowers and creating a piece of art is really exciting for me. 

It is so fun to start a project late at night and all you see is clumps of glue everywhere and you wake up the next day and you have a gorgeous altered item. That is when I say "wow I did that". Have you ever made something and when it was all finished you were so happy with it? Well that is how I found Youtube.

I had wanted to find ladies who were making vintage things like me and so I searched on Youtube for videos that would help to keep me inspired.  The first thing I searched for was "Vintage Scrapbooking" and several channels came up with videos that were vintage inspired.  I remember thinking that I was the only one that liked old stuff and Shabby Chic.  There were alot of ladies like me and as I started watching the videos and subscribing to ladies who inspired me and they started subscribing back to me. I wondered why they would subscribe to me when I had no videos to offer them. 

One day I found Malissa and she was having a giveaway for her first 100 Subscribers so i said to myself just enter it won't hurt to try and win something.  I have always been pretty lucky in my lifetime and guess what?  I won my first giveaway with Malissamae1 on Youtube. I was very thrilled and excited and when I received the box full of goodies, I squealed with excitement. My thoughts were Malissa was so generous to give me all of these things and forever I would be grateful to her. I did not have a camcorder, so I tried my best to showcase all of my winnings in a music style video. Malissa said she loved my video and that I should start making videos. After a couple of month's then ladies started commenting on my video and my backgrounds and how they enjoyed watching my videos, I was surprised that they would even leave me a comment.  I have to tell you, I was hooked.

Then came another beautiful soul and her name was Cynthia and she did a video showing a haul on some pins that she bought, I loved watching her videos she was so excited to share her things with the whole Youtube World which brought much happiness to me, as I watched. She said I would like to send these crystal stick pins to someone special and she said "she always leaves me such lovely comments when she watches my videos" so I want to send her something and her name is.........
"My Bedazzled Treasures"!  You can imagine buy now that I screamed when I watched her say my name.  I could not believe that Cynthia wanted to send me something just because.  When I received the pins I became addicted to making stick pins.  Me and Cynthia became fast friends and I started sending her emails saying to her you should have an Etsy Store why don't you try? So one day she started selling on Etsy and I bought several of her kits just because they were pretty to look at and I did not have alot of scrapbooking stuff.  I told her that I always wanted to open my own Etsy store and she said why dont you? I was scared to try and I realized I was using excuses. Cynthia sold very well on there but wanted to branch out and start her own ning site. 

In January 2011 Alilscrapofheaven.ning.com was created by her and some friends. Now 500 plus members and going strong we have a community of women coming together from a circle of life all over the world. I have met so many wonderful ladies and have learned so much and I am now making my own live videos.  Go and check it out, you won't be disappointed.

I reached 100 Subscribers and guess who won my giveaway?  If you guessed Malissa you were right.  She is so excited and when she gets a chance she will make a video and share what I gave her to the Youtube World, I hope she liked all of the things that I sent her.

If you want to know who inspires me please go check out my Youtube Channel and watch my videos and look in my favorites the girls are super talented, I just love their style.

What is your style, are you just like me or a little different? We all have one thing in common we love to share and create beautiful things no matter what your style is I am sure your creations are beautiful.

Thanks for stopping by today. I love receiving comments, if you visit me just say hi that would be awesome.

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Cynthialoowho♥ said...

Wow Doreen you are the sweetest friend ever! Girl I love you and miss you so much!! What a beautiful first blog!! I was looking for your blog today cause I wanted to give you an award and I didn't find it but I will have to do something :)

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